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  1. Kodak LED Headlamp, 150lm, 3 modes, 3W single LED, IP44, black

    Kodak LED Headlamp, 150lm, 3 modes(Normal, Eco and blink), 3W single LED, IP44, black Designed for hands-free lighting and convenience of use. Our single LED Head Lamp offer...

    Varenr: KDK-105

    inkl. moms 42,75 DKK
  2. KODAK 9LED Flashlight black incl. 3xAAA

    Kodak compact 9-LED flashlight, 46 lm, IP63, 25m range, black Kodak's compact 9-LED flashlight provides a brilliant light with a simple structure. Its compact structure wil...

    Varenr: KDK-100

    inkl. moms 25,50 DKK
  3. Maxell UV LED flashlight, IP44, aluminum, blue

    Maxell UV LED flashlight, IP44, aluminum, powered by 2 x AA batteries, blue LED flashlight with UV light can be used for many different purposes, e.g. to detect dirt or t...

    Varenr: 4902580772741

    inkl. moms 94,00 DKK
  4. KODAK LED Headlamp 300lm incl.3xAAA

    Kodak LED Headlamp, 300lm, 3 modes, 5W single LED, black Designed for hands-free lighting and convenience of use. Our single LED Head Lamp offers three modes of lighting...

    Varenr: KDK-106

    inkl. moms 58,50 DKK
  5. KODAK LED Active 10 incl. 2xCR2032

    Kodak LED Flashlight Active 10, 10 lm, weatherproof, 2 light modes, black The KODAK LED Flashlight Active 10 is designed for those who want extra visibility, specifically i...

    Varenr: KDK-101

    inkl. moms 39,25 DKK
  6. Ring Automotive Compact 65 lm Alu CREE torch with 1 x AA

    Ring Automotive Compact aluminum torch with CREE technology, 65 lm, black The Ring RT5193 Compact Cree Aluminium Torch is durable and light due to its aluminium construction...

    Varenr: 5055175241111

    inkl. moms 107,00 DKK
  7. Ring Automotive Telescopic 220 lm Alu torch with 4 x AAA

    Ring Automotive Telescopic LED Torch with lamp, black This all-round Ring RT5195 2-in-1 LED torch with inspection lamp is great for all uses with a strong and lightweigh...

    Varenr: 5055175241098

    inkl. moms 256,00 DKK
  8. Ring Automotive Headlamp 50 lm standard with 3 x AAA

    RING Headlamp 50 lm standard with 3 x AAA, blue/black Bright headlamp, with 50 lumen light output. The bright, white LEDs produce a light that is closer to daylight, which i...

    Varenr: 5055175230894

    inkl. moms 83,50 DKK
  9. Ring Automotive X-Large 50 lm Rubber torch with 3 x D

    Ring Automotive Heavy duty rubber torch, 50 lm, black/yellow The Ring RT5196 Heavy Duty Rubber Torch is perfect for use in the shed and the garage for DIY work.

    Varenr: 5055175241081

    inkl. moms 108,00 DKK
  10. Ring Automotive Compact 200 lm Alu Cree torch with 3 x AAA

    Ring Automotive Heavy duty LED torch with CREE technology, 200 lm, black This Ring RT5194 Heavy Duty CREE LED Torch features CREE technology and is closer to daylight, to giv...

    Varenr: 5055175241104

    inkl. moms 143,00 DKK
  11. Ledlenser i4R CRI NaturalLight Penlight

    Ledlenser 501955 i4R CRI NaturalLight Pennlampa Uppladdningsbara batteri LED 146 mm Svart, Silver Advanced Focus-system. Högkvalitativ reflektorlins Med inbyggt clip...

    Varenr: LED-03

    inkl. moms 461,00 DKK
  12. Kodak LED Flashlight Ultra 290

    Kodak ultra 290 flashlight, 290 lumen, black The KODAK Ultra 290 is a best in class flashlight with an aluminium body. It produces 290 Lumens offering you amazing brightness...

    Varenr: 0887930418361

    inkl. moms 85,50 DKK
  13. KODAK LED Focus 157 incl. 3xAAA

    Kodak LED Focus Range, 60lm, 3 flashlight modes, zoom ring, black The big brother of the versatile KODAK LED Focus range. Lightweight and more powerful, this flashlight stil...

    Varenr: KDK-104

    inkl. moms 41,00 DKK
  14. KODAK LED Bike Lights incl.2xCR2032

    Kodak LED Bike Lights, weatherproof, 13000mcd, red/white The Kodak led bike lights are a good way to cycle safely. They offer super bright light with three light modes...

    Varenr: KDK-102

    inkl. moms 41,00 DKK
  15. KODAK 20LED Lantern 125lm excl.3xD

    Kodak LED Lantern, 88lm, weatherproof, black KODAK 20 LED Lantern is easy to carry with 360-degree illumination. Delivers 100 lumens of great brightness. It has a rotar...

    Varenr: KDK-107

    inkl. moms 70,50 DKK
  16. KODAK LED Focus 120 incl. 3xAAA

    KODAK LED Focus 120, flashlight, 30lm, 3 flashlight modes, black Their most versatile flashlight yet. Lightweight and compact with an even spread of light which can be zoome...

    Varenr: KDK-103

    inkl. moms 32,25 DKK
  17. Kodak 1-LED Pen Flashlight + 1AA SHD

    Kodak LED pen flashlight, 20 lumens, black A compact flashlight with 1 LED diode that gives a clear and sharp light. The compact format makes the lamp easy to carry and fit...

    Varenr: 0887930419207

    inkl. moms 20,75 DKK
  18. Ledlenser i9 CRI LED (RGB) Flashlight

    LED Lenser i9 CRI LED Flashlight (300 Lumens), black  The LedLenser i9 CRI is a heavy duty LED hand torch offering >90 CRI natural light. Ideal for close detail, inspectio...

    Varenr: LED-02

    inkl. moms 745,00 DKK


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